Human Resources Policy

Our Human Resources policy consists on the adequate management of our human team searching their satisfaction and motivation in such a way that contributes to accomplish an strategic company project, with the objective to improve the productivity and increase our growth, the internationalization of the activity, the development of new products and the innovation of the systems.

Our commitment is to generate the right environment and to transmit a project in which the professionals may display their abilities and feel the development of their career as a high and desirable value. Within this strategy it is important, not only the capitation of young technicians with possibilities towards progress and development of a professional career in ALVI Tech. Services Pvt. Ltd. but also the progress of the workers with a consolidate experience in the company.

With this purpose, ALVI Tech. Services Pvt. Ltd. keeps the commitment to improve in a continuous way their abilities, capacities and integration, paying always special attention to the working conditions and safety.