HSE policy

  • At ALVI Tech. Services Private Limited. We are committed to maintain highest standards of occupational Health, Safety of our people and minimizing adverse environmental impacts at our workplace.

    Providing a systematic risk management approach to Health, Safety and Environmental management designed to ensure compliance with applicable legal and other requirements and to achieve continuous performance improvement.
    Maintaining a focus on occupational health and conducting work related Health surveillance programs, where required.

    We shall comply with all applicable codes and requirements to promote occupational Health, Safety and Environment protection.

    Ensuring that all employees and subcontractor’s personnel are provided with adequate and appropriate Health, Safety and Environmental training.

    We shall take all actions necessary to protect the integrity of the system in order to avoid accidental release of hazardous substances.

    We shall enhance awareness and involvement in promotion of occupational Health, Safety and Environment protection wherever we work and site.

    Maintaining a motivating culture to encourage the free and honest reporting of all incidents involving injury, ill-health, environmental damage and near misses and implementing programs to prevent recurrence.

    We shall be always alert, equipped and ready to respond to emergency.

    No work is so important that it cannot be done safely.

    Our Goals are no accident, no harm to people, no damage to environment and no loss to our physical assets.

    Everybody who works for company anywhere is responsible to ensure that all HSE rules, standards and guidelines are followed to accomplish any task.